Patient Persistence Will Perfect This

One Hit Away



ICIE is a 35 year old lyricist from London, passionate about creating music that connects to the heart and soul of his listeners.

By day he is a Film and Media/Cultural Studies graduate, working as an educational trainer for youth charity - Mybnk ( - teaching young people about personal money management to help them now and in the future.

Icie is an artist who works hard to weave his personal experiences into the foundations of music, and prides himself as someone who constantly seeks to develop his artistry.

Citing Shakespeare,Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton as his influences,reflects his love for poetry and the English Language is evident as he pens captivating stories and covers an array of topics many rappers shy away from.

Icie has been a staple part of the music scene, kicking off in 2004 where he joined forces with his brother to form Commission. They toured across the UK performing at youth events and radio stations creating a positive impact on those that experienced their music.

A highlight from the group was their hit song 'Up 2 U' being used as part of Operation Tridents campaign,targetted at young people trapped in gang culture.

After moving on in 2011, Icie began work on a solo project 'The Entree Mixtape' - the diversity of subject matter and vulnerability expressed was a breath of fresh air and received widespread acclaim.
He proceeded to work on music to remain consistent and 3 years later released 'The Phoenix' and crowd funded a video for the lead single 'The Becoming' - premiering the video on Complex website. The following year he released 'One Hit Away' and is currently working hard on his album scheduled for 2018.